Model Risk Management with RSA Archer

Model Risk Management with RSA Archer

Financial services and insurance organizations use mathematical models to inform business decisions and estimate risk. Because these models can have a material impact on an organization's business strategies and financial statements, it is imperative that the models are accurate at all times.

The RSA Archer Model Risk Management app-pack provides an automated governance process to document and manage changes to the organization’s model and model inventory. This app-pack captures model inventory and model documentation; tracks changes, validations, and approvals; and formally certifies model completeness. RSA Archer Model Risk Management helps the organization document and manage findings, analyse performance, and decommission models as needed.

With RSA Archer, organizations can establish a consistent process for the entire model risk lifecycle, reducing financial impacts from outdated information and improving model health and visibility.

Key Features

  • Document the organization’s model inventory and model documentation
  • Track model and model inventory changes
  • Track model validation and approvals
  • Formally certify that the model inventory is complete and up to date
  • Document validation findings
  • Analyse model performance indicators
  • Decommission models as needed


  • Consistent and repeatable process for documenting, validating, and managing changes to models
  • Reduce unauthorized changes to the model
  • Reduce likelihood of outdated information in a model
  • Reduce financial penalties, financial losses, or unforeseen risks due to model inaccuracies or insufficient testing
  • Improve visibility into the health and status of the model inventory

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