Bowmen Group sponsor the GRC “Virtual” Supper Club Trilogy

Bowmen Group sponsor the GRC “Virtual” Supper Club Trilogy

The GRC Supper Club is a global peer group network connecting senior risk professionals, with like-minded peers, subject matter experts and technologists. In these challenging times... the GRC Supper Club is going Virtual.

Episode 1 - was held on Thursday, 14th May and the panel discussed “Will Covid-19 lead to a reframing of operational resilience in the boardroom?” With over 100 attendees, the evening was a huge success.

The panel for this session were:

  • Dr Sandra Bell, CEO The Business Resilience Company
  • Michael Rasmussen, GRC Analyst & Pundit
  • James Green, Dir. Risk Advisory, SAI Global

Alongside host, Lee Edge, the panel sparked a healthy debate and prompted plenty of questions. Artist Danny Burgess was on hand to capture the event and some of the key take-aways.

GRC Supper Club

There are two more Events planned.

Episode 2: Will companies start to embrace the ‘Zoom’ work culture and how will this impact their risk environment? - Thursday, 28 May @ 6pm to 7pm BST

Episode 3: Does the path to greater resilience require a combination of increased regulatory compliance & trusted technology? - Thursday, 11 June @ 6pm to 7pm BST

More details to follow, hope you can join us next-time.

Click here to join us for Episode 3

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